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    Post by Muhammad Mubarak on Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:20 am

    It continues to be the main instrument of interpreting the divine message, relating it to divine message then relate it to the changing conditions of Muslim Ummah in its aspiration to attain justice, salvation and truth. It also portrait Islam as a movement that throughout history was neither mechanical nor influenced by static ritualistic custom which does not contradict the divine care about the dynamism of life.

    The consequence of Ijtihad
    Scholars have been able to deduced their opinion through Ijtihad to derive five essentials from the purpose of shariah (Maqaasid Asshariah) in order to promote and protect our religion.
    ADORURATUL KHAMS (Five essentials)
     Hifz Din ( Protect Religion)
     Hifz Nafz (Protect Personality)
     Hifz Mal (Protect Wealth)
     Hifz Nasab ( Protect Offspring)
     Hifz Aql (Protect human intellect)

    How can you protect your Din (religion) in a situation where by you are attacked by robbers and which you are asked to surrender all your belongings. What will you do?

    Going by Hadith of the Prophet (SAW), it was related by Muslim that it is imperative for a Muslim to protect his wealth (i.e. Hifzu Mali) to the extent that if you fight a thief for not acquiring your property, and you later died during the cause of this battle. Indeed the prophet said you have died as a Martyr (Sheheedi). This implies that a Muslim should be able to defend his property to the extent of death if surely he believes in Allah and Rosullulah (SAW), but this can be applicable to a true believer because it has to do with the level of a person Iman.
    On the other hand, the Iman of a Muslim can also be tested by Allah. For instance there was an hadith that mention about two men travelling, while on their way they met some people in a town celebrating their idols. So they were told to make sacrifice for their idols before they can pass through the town but both of them claim not to do that. They were later advised to take what is even as small as a butterfly for the sacrifice; one of them complied with this opinion while the other refused.
    Shortly, after the one that sacrificed pass away, there come to him Malakul maut and he took his soul which made him died on shirk and he became dwellers of Jahanomoh because of butterfly, while the second person was killed by the idol worshipper because he refuse to make the sacrifice, he remained killed on Iman and he gained paradise.

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