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    Suratul naba

    Afolabi Wasiu

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    Suratul naba Empty Suratul naba

    Post by Afolabi Wasiu on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:01 am

    Suratul naba.
    _the reality of "yaoma-li-kiyamo" through affarmation of Allah's creatures.
    -the features of those in hellfire.
    The feature of paradise.
    -the regret of non-belivers
    This suratul naba confirms the reality of "yaoma li kiyama" by asking one another about the great news i.e the great day.Allah ( s.w.t.) swears with his creatures such as creating human beings in pairs,mountain,as pegs ,and how the plant grow and germinate to bring out fruit in other to satisfy human being,to bear the reality and to believe in the day of "kiyama".
    -Allah stated in this surah the features of those people in hellfire and what they will taste in hell.they will stay in hellfire for a long period of time and they are not going to taste anything there in except hot and dirty water.moreso,they will taste his difficulties because they did not expect any form of accountability of what they have done in their life.
    -Allah also revealed the raward for those in paradise,they are pious in their life and young (mature)maidens of equal age and they will be rewarded with the best kind of wine ,and they will never lack there in and they would be rewarded acccording to he level of their good deeds ....
    _Allah makes it clear that nobody will speak except him whom the most gracious (Allah) allows,and he will speak what is right and Allah made it clear by obeying him in his wordly life,Allah have warned us about near torment when man will see that the deeds which his hand have set forth and the dis-beliver will regret 'woe to me! Would that i were just.
    In conclusion suratul naba explain to us the reality of "yaoma-li-kiyama" and the affirmation of Allah creatures,and the features of those in hellfire,and features of those in paradise and the regret of the non-believer .

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    Abu Hafsah
    Abu Hafsah

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    Suratul naba Empty comment

    Post by Abu Hafsah on Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:11 pm

    Kudos to the group, being the first to summarize the surah. However, I will strongly advise the group to please kindly edit and resubmit this assignment. While making an attempt to do that,the following observations have to be looked into:Firstly, the content of the summary, secondly,the correct spellings of words, lastly, grammatical errors have to avoided totally.Stay blessed.

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